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PROJECTS (selection)
Museumsquartier Bern
2021 - ongoing


Since the 1st of July 2021 the Museumsquartier Bern reunites 11 institutions in the quarter Kirchenfeld in the city of Bern, Switzerland.        


In the next years a new model for cooperation and a new urban space will be developed in a participative way with the collaborators of the institutions and other stakeholders.

This Book is Yours
Recipes for artistic collaboration


A publication about Arc artist residency 2015 – 2018. Rather than a conventional retrospective, This Book is Yours is a manual for artistic research collaboration, with contributions by Arc residents and experts in the form of recipes, texts, scores, essays, drawings, instructions, images, …            

Edited by Sally De Kunst, in collaboration with Julien Babel, Alberto de Andrés, Valentine Paley, Gosie Vervloessem and Julien Vuilleumier.

Contributions by: Fatin Abbas, Caroline Fournier & Miguel Alarcon, Metasitu – Eduardo Cassina & Liva Dudareva, Andrea Phillips, Kristien Van Den Brande, and many others.

Published by art&fiction (Lausanne) & Vexer (St. Gallen / Berlin).      

Arc artist residency
Romainmôtier, Switzerland
2014 - 2019 


Arc was a residency for research and dialogue that offered a space for agency at the intersection between the arts and society, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In different residency formats artists were invited to engage with experts from other fields, as this practical and productive process allowed them to widen their fields of investigation and forge innovative partnerships beyond the confines of the art world.  
Over the course of four years, Arc kept re-inventing itself, by continuously questioning the residency as an art institution from within and without, challenging values, testing new ways of collaboration and questioning the wider socio-cultural ecology. A growing group of shareholders (artists, thinkers and makers who returned in different roles) was invited to contribute to this questioning the art institution from within, and this ‘re-inventing the residency’ was implemented in the daily practice of the organisation.

Custom-made residencies


One-month residencies for research and reflection, without the pressure of production. A custom made package was put together for each artist or group of artists with an individual accompaniment by external specialists.


Artists: Fatin Abbas, Josephine Baan, Filip Berte, Giacomo Cardoni, Matias Daporta, Rudy Decelière & Immanuel de Sousa, Sanne De Wilde, Kevin Doyle, Rita Eperjesi, Ward Goes, Arielle Grasser & Vytautas Jankauskas, Carole Frossard, Sheila Ghelani, Maëlle Gross, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, Louis Jucker & Charlie Bernath, Chris Leuenberger, Metasitu, Stephen O’Malley, Lavinia Raccanello, Vreni Spieser, Kristien Van Den Brande, Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud, Zooscope and many others.


Experts: Robert Aeberhard, Martin Bieri, Wim Cuyvers, Martin Dusinberre, Daniel Morgenthaler, Nicolas Nova, Andrea Phillips, Noëlle Revaz, Daniel Sciboz, Torsten Venneman, Franziska Witschi and many others.

Walk & Talk residencies


Four-day residencies for artists and other practitioners who wish to discuss a certain research question with an expert (from another field). The idea is to give people time to enter into a longer dialogue in another rhythm and collaborative mode.


Participants: Eduardo Cassina & Nora Adwan & Lana Siri, Philippe Blanchard & Maika Knoblich, André Chapatte & Wayne Lim, Martina Raponi & Adjoa Wiredu, Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki, and others.


Thematic residencies

One-week incentives where artists and experts from other fields worked together on a pre-defined research question.

  • The Spring Thing

A follow up of Re-invent the Party.

Participants: Eduardo Cassina, Nikos Doulos, Liva Dudareva, Seraina Dür, Rita Eperjesi, Sheila

Ghelani, Jonas Gillmann, Ward Goes, Arielle Grasser, Renaud Loda, Aditya Pawar, Tim Shaw, Jacek 

Smolicki, Vreni Spieser, Marion Thomas, Kristien Van Den Brande, Gosie Vervloessem & Conrad 


Outside eyes: Julien Babel, Nikos Doulos, Mila Pavicevic, Julien Vuilleumier.


  • Re-invent the Party

By bringing together former Arc residents from different fields we explored what artistic research is, and why it is important to share it with others. How do you present and communicate it? Who do you address, and how do you invite them? What are the ideal conditions? 


In collaboration with Sheila Ghelani & Gosie Vervloessem.

Participants:  Sheila Ghelani, Jonas Gillmann, Ward Goes, Renaud LodaJacek SmolickiVreni SpieserGosie Vervloessem, Conrad Willems.

  • Re-position your practice 1 & 2
    2017 - 2018

A thematic residency around artistic strategies and entrepreneurship in the performing arts.

In collaboration with Mathias Bremgartner.
Participants: Seraina Dür, Cristina Galbiati, Ioannis Mandafounis, Valentine Paley, Samuel Schmidiger, Marion Thomas, Raphael        Vuilleumier, Nina Williman.

Experts: Gerhard Andrey, Ash Bulayev, Ricarda Ettlin.

  • Culture of hacking     

Hacking social innovation methods with artistic strategies and experiences, to develop practical tools with and for refugees.  

In collaboration with Julien Vuilleumier.
Participants: Anaïs Bloch, Arielle Grasser, Ali Mohammadi, Jose Niangu Nginamau, Lamine Sanha, Marion Thomas, Gosie Vervloessem.           

Experts: Miguel Alarcon, Nicolas Nova.            


  • Culture of permanence / Participative herbarium

By bringing together practitioners from different field we explored how artistic strategies can be used to address wide-ranging issues related  to permaculture, peer-production and knowledge building. 


In collaboration with Gosie Vervloessem & Julien Vuilleumier.
Participants: Felipe Duarte, Aurelio Kopainig, Aditya Pawar, Tanya Schwarz.

Experts: Julien Babel, Noemie Depierraz, Jonathan Kissman, Daniel Varadi.

  • Re-invent the residency 1, 2 & 3

       2015 – 2016 

Artists and makers from different backgrounds were invited to re-invent the residency in collaboration with different experts, re-design it according to the motto of "making is thinking" and deal with ideological questions about art institutions, economy, geopolitics, space, time, vocabulary…  `


Participants: Filip Berte, Nicolas Field, Martina Raponi, Patrick Savolainen, Tijana  Stevanovic, Nadia Tsulukidze, Gosie Vervloessem, Sara        Widmer.

Experts: Daniel Imboden, Stefan Nowotny, Andrea Phillips, Oliver Schmid

Roc (Romainmôtier Contemporain)
2015 - ongoing

Co-direction - with Alberto de Andrés


Sally De Kunst and Alberto de Andrés (director of Espace dAM Romainmôtier) founded Roc in 2015 to develop site-specific projects in Romainmôtier that tackle questions of society through artistic strategies. 


A three-part event that tackled the issue of gender identities looking at it from various perspectives.

  • A  human library

One-to-one dialogues with specialists from different fields and every day life

With: Sylvan Berrut, Zoé Blanc-Scuderi, Caoline Dayer, Laura DromptSeraina DürNicolas EtienneElizabeth FischerJonas   

GillmannDinah GrossDaniel HellmannAntje HorschMuriel ImbachCaroline ImhofAgata JaxaBréhima KoumareElisabeth   

LLachIsabelle LucasSoeur MadeleineEva MarziStéphane Morey, Pamela Ohene-NyakoAlicia ParelLéonore PorchetLavinia 

RaccanelloEva SaroMonika SaxerPascal SingyAnna Sokol and Jeanne Tonnabel.

  • Lavinia Raccanello: Anarchistes


  • Georg Wilhelm Pabst: Loulou (1929)

Cine-concert, with Big Eyes Trio (Laure Betris, Sara Oswald & Emilie Zoé)

Migration in Mind

A three-part event that examined the relationship between Romainmôtier’s long-standing tradition of welcoming guests and offering hospitality and the burning issue of migration at this time of humanitarian crises and disasters at Europe’s borders.

  • A  human library

One-to-one dialogues with specialists from different fields and every day life

With: Vincent Barras, Jean-Pierre Bastian, Filip Berte, Gianni D'Amato, Cristina Del Biaggio, Seraina Dür, Yvette Fishman, Gwénaëlle 

Fontaine, Francesco Garufo, Janine Goumaz, Maëlle Gross, Camille Krafft, Sophie Lugon, Victoria Marechal, Sébastien Mettraux, Maral Mohsenin, Jose Niangu Nginamau, Omar Odermatt, Sylviane Pache, Aurélien Patouillard, Aldir Polymeris, Michael Räber, Lamine Sanha,

Adina Secretan, Vreni Spieser, Marion Thomas, Laurent Tissot, Torsten Vennemann and Gosie Vervloessem.


  • Filip Berte: Gutta Cavat Lapidem



  • Migration in Movement

Projection of short films selected by Caroline Fournier and Miguel Alarcón

Les Week-ends du Roy

A weekend of performances and site-specific interventions in Romainmôtier.


Artists: Jaqueline Benz, Nicolas Field, Renaud Loda, Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki, Gregory Stauffer.           

LIVE art associated            
Fribourg, Switzerland
2014 - 2015

Co-curator - with Julien Babel & Martial Mingam


Live was an independent art initiative that was founded to support and present projects in the fields of contemporary arts, social questions and new technologies. 
The association had a partnership with the art school EIKON in Fribourg, and could use its spaces for exhibitions and other events. 


Live art associated 

Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud: Public Sphere            


Exhibition, conference & workshops with the students of EIKON           


Arrache-tes-yeux: Christaldesbrotapfels           

Ongoing performance & exhibition           

Festival Belluard Bollwerk International          
Fribourg, Switzerland
2008 - 2013


Belluard Bollwerk International is a contemporary arts festival that takes place every year in Fribourg, Switzerland, since 1983. 
Under my direction, it produced and presented during each edition 20 projects by local, Swiss and international artists from different fields, in the Belluard fortress, in other venues and in the public space and with different communities. The program was curated partly on invitation and partly through an open call, around a theme related to questions of society. (festivals 2008 – 2013)           

Future Nostalgia


Artists: Alys Hubek, Jakob Ampe & Pieter Ampe, Hannes Bär & Jonas Oehrli, Karim Bel Kacem, Frank Bölter, Ntando Cele & Simon Ho, Ivo Dimchev, Domestic Science Club (Naomi Kerkhove, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Gosie Vervloessem), Olivier Dubois, Elektro Guzzi, François Gremaud, Maria Guggenbichler, Kapwani Kiwanga, PAH!, Martin Schick, Damir Todorovic, Nadia Tsulukidze, Christophe Wachter & Mathias Jud, Edouard Wassmer.



Artists: 2b Company, Yael Bartana, Antoine Chessex, Pieter De Buysser & Hans Op de Beeck, Davis Freeman, Getinthebackofthevan, Brian Holmes, Florentina Holzinger, Martin Howse, Ryan Jordan, Gilles Lepore, Keith Lim, Jonathan Kemp, Renzo Martens, Stephane Montavon, Vincent Riebeek, Martin Schick, Serde, Nick Steur, Teatro Ojo, The Notwist, Erik Thys & Harald Thys, Damir Todorovic, Gisèle Vienne. 

Belluard Festival @ Lieu Unique / Nantes – France

3-day Music festival in the frame of Le Voyage à Nantes


Artists: Reggie Watts, Pony del Sol, Fred Samier/ Cut Me, DJ Mzlle Charlotte, DJ Frank Le Tank, DJ FETT



Artists: Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin, Conflict Kitchen, Antoine Chessex, Pieter De Buysser, Tim Etchells, Forced Entertainment, Getinthebackofthevan, Sheila Ghelani, Sam Green & Dave Cerf, Kosi Hidama & Gosie Vervloessem, Edit Kaldor, Jérôme Noetinger, Alexis O’Hara, Hugues Peyret, Milo Rau, Martin Schick, Vreni Spieser, Sylviane Tille, Valerio Tricoli, United Sorry, Elke Van Campenhout, Sarah Vanhee.

Artists Great Public Sale of Brilliant but Unrealized Ideas: Francis Alÿs, Jean-Damien Fleury, François Gremaud, Fréderic & Samuel Guillaume, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Christophe Jaquet, Miranda July, San Keller, Isabelle Krieg, Bruce McClean, Victorine Müller, Plan B, Jochen Roller, Santiago Sierra, David Subal.

Urban myth


Artists: Anonymous, Gilles Aubry, Tarek Atoui, Xavier Bauer, Thomas Bratzke, Deepblue, Forced Entertainment, Nicolas Galeazzi, Gintersdorfer & Klassen, Joanna Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Klingt Orgestra, Jérôme Leuba, Renzo Martens, Stéphane Montavon, Naïma, Julie Nioche, Laurence Payot, Scenocosme, Sylviane Tille, United Patriotic Squadrons of Blessed Diana, Aurore Van de Winkel, Joel Verwimp, Reggie Watts, White Horse.

Alternative economy


Artists: Antonia Baehr, Lukas Bärfuss, André Duracell, Anna Faroqhi, Nada Gambier, Chrome Hoof, San Keller, Johanna Lecklin, Antonio Louro, Matsune & Subal, Benedetta Maxia, Ministère de la Culture, Modified Toy Orchestra, Reverend Billy, Jérôme Richer, Jochen Roller, Cezary Tomaszewski, Andreas Vetterli, René Walker, Judith Wilske.




Artists: Bonaparte, Yoann Chassot, Complaints Choir, Elixir, Harun Farocki, Tarek Halaby, Alexander Hana, Christian Hasucha, IFTAF, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Philippe Quesne, Blaise Roulin, Fred Samier, Michel Schröder, Rajni Sjah, Sue-Yeon Youn, Robert Walker, Wiener Gemüseorchester, Dick Wong, Wrights & Sites.

Watch & Talk
Zurich, Switzerland
2010 - 2012

Organisor / mentor

Discursive 10-day residency – workshop during the Festival Theaterspektakel in Zurich. 



Participating artists: Karim Belkacem, Tanya Beyeler, Katya Bond, Dmitrij Gawrisch, Jaha Gu, Christopher Kriese, Heidi Lind, Agustina Munoz.



Participating artists: Kathrin Bigler, Dagna Jakubowska, Agostina Lopez, Yannick Nannette, Aurélien Patouillard, Layla Swart, Nadia Tsulukidze, Lucie Tuma.




Participating artists: Hans Bryssinck, Lucie Eidenbenz, Muriel Imbach, Anna Pabst, Valentine Paley, Gregory Stauffer, Monika Truong, Beren Tuna.

Amsterdam, Netherlands



Interdisciplinary exchange platform for artists from Amsterdam, Paris and Vienna. The first edition of this collaboration between Theater Frascati (Amsterdam), Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (Paris) and Brut (Vienna)  took place in Amsterdam in 2017.            

Participants: Andrea Bozic, Toago Guédes, Phillip Haupt, Paul Hendrikse, Rémy Héritier, Kroot Juurak, Johanna Kirsch, Barbara Matijevic, Ralo Mayer, Katalina Mella, Joachim Robbrecht, Guillaume Robert, Joao Sousa Cardoso, Cezary Tomaszewski, David Weber-Krebs.


Monsoon #1
Seoul, South-Korea

Co-curator / producer


Monsoon is a series of research and performance platforms bringing together Asian and European artists, initiated by choreographer Arco Renz. The first edition took place in Seoul, South-Korea.          

Dramaturges: Florian Malzacher, Helly Minarti.

Participants: André Erlen, Mervin Espina, Paul Hendrikse, Seulgi Lee, Jochen Roller, Joned Suryatmoko, Daniel Yeung.

STUK arts centre
Leuven, Belgium
2003 - 2006

Programmer dance & performance


Responsible for the season dance and performance at the interdisciplinary arts centre STUK. Besides hosting well-known international choreographers and performance makers, I co-produced the work of younger artists and introduced multidisciplinary performances in the program.

Artists: Arco Renz, Prue Lang, Superamas, Jochen Roller, Ivana Müller, Jérôme Bel, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Wim Vandekeybus, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Mette Ingvartsen, and many others.

Klapstuk #12
Leuven, Belgium

Artistic director


Festival for contemporary dance and performance that took place every two years at STUK arts centre. When choreographers and performance makers develop new vocabularies, they refer themselves to the world that surrounds us, and create performances in relationship to film, architecture, fashion, pornography, pop culture, science, … Klapstuk #12 was a festival where artists returned in different shapes, in different projects.  As choreographers, musicians or visual artists tout court, but also as choreographers who make films, performers that become city guides, musicians who write a soundtrack for an exhibition, visual artists who become performers, …


Artists: Rachid Ouramdane, Julie Nioche, Nicolas Floc’h, Christian Rizzo, Kassys, Isan, Mette Ingvartsen, Eva Meyer-Keller, Martin Nachbar & Jochen Roller, Lali Puna, Bernhard Fleischmann, Mustafa Kaplan & Filiz Sizanli, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Erki De Vries, Paul Hendrikse, and others.

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